Sunday, September 26, 2010

Well hello thrid trimester!

Things seem to be moving right along and quickly! On 9/15 I started my third trimester so the home stretch is finally here, the anticipation and excitement of meeting our little girl is growing by the day. I've continued to feel pretty well. Sleeping has become a challenge at times. This is mostly related to getting comfortable but I revamped "my nest" (as Paul calls it) and have had better luck lately getting some much needed zzzz's. I had my re-evaluation at physical therapy and it was decided that I should continue with my treatments for another few weeks. I still have pain in my SI joint if I am too active or stand for too long. In general the therapy and exercises they have given me have worked well to keep the pain in control.

Paul and I are looking forward to our all day childbirth class next certainly should be interesting! More to follow on that....
I still have a couple of other chores for this coming week including setting up an interview with a pediatrician we are interested in. We are anticipating our nursery furniture to be delivered in the next couple of weeks and I'm really excited to see it all put together. We did do a little bit more in the nursery recently. We finished a large wall decal of a colorful tree swaying in the breeze and "dancing" butterflies--I think it looks great!

I had a follow up appointment with Dr. Deprez on 9/21. Everything seems to be going well. I'm happy to say my weight gain was much more on track this time (thank God!). The baby's heartbeat, the height of my fundus, urine testing and blood pressure were all great. I had glucose tolerance test which is screening for gestational diabetes, my results were great so that was a relief! He also tested for anemia and my vitamin D level. My HCT=34 which is slightly low so he recommended I start taking an iron supplementation in addition to my prenatal vitamin. My vitamin D level was also low despite the fact that I've been taking a supplement since April so, he doubled the dose.

So, lots of things to look forward to in the upcoming weeks: Childbirth Class on 10/2, Nursery furniture delivery hopefully by 10/10 and my baby shower 10/17!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Moving right along

Things have been going well the past few weeks. My baby belly is growing steadily. There is no questioning whether I'm pregnant at this point and strangers seem comfortable enough to ask me about my pregnancy. Thankfully there has been no unwanted belly touching. I'm continuing to feel well. I get tired easily and still feel hungry but not quite as intense as it was a few weeks ago. I'm in the bathroom quite a bit and and have a little heartburn but overall I can't complain!

The amount of baby movement I'm feeling is astonishing. I swear she already has a little personality in there. She is not a fan of me sleeping on my side and will persistently kick me at night until I change position. Sleeping has been difficult but for the most part I am getting plenty of rest.

I am looking forward to entering my third trimester next week....the home stretch!