Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Baby Shower! (Etc.)

Well, to say the least I've been incredibly busy the past few weeks so I haven't had a chance to sit down a blog!
To recap:
I entered my 8th month last week, Ill be 33 weeks tomorrow and I just can't believe how the time is flying!

On 10/17/10, my mother hosted a beautiful baby shower for me at the The Old Mill Restaurant in Westminister, MA. It was a beautiful fall day in the ultimate fall setting and everything was planned so wonderfully. I was joined with just over 60 of my family and friends. I have to also thank my mother-in-law who also had a part in the planning along with my best friend Lindsay who picked and sent out the adorable invitations. My awesome friends from highschool (Mindy, Sue and Britta) were in charge of the favors (fall themed chocolates made by Mindy) and the games ("Name that nursery rhyme" and "Baby shower Bingo"). Last but not least, close friends Robyn, Ashley, Tracy and my lovely little sister Carolyn all helped out with the huge task that was opening the gifts.

The food was great and we had my favorite-Corn Fritters! Definitely a must when you go to The Old Mill. I was then faced with the huge task of opening all the wonderful gifts. I was so overwhelmed by everyone's generosity. We got so many great and necessary (not to mention adorable) things!! There was so much I don't think my brain could quite process everything so needless to say I had just as much fun going through everything in the following days.

The nursery furniture had literally just arrived the day before my shower and fate must have been on our side because we were able to orchestrate picking up the furniture that afternoon and by 9pm it was all set up!! Huge thanks for Paul and my brother Andrew. I couldn't have imagined that the whole process would be so painLESS. It was great! The crib took at the most 1 hour to set up. The dresser (which we are also using as a changing table) came in one piece and required no assembly which we certainly did not expect. The glider and ottoman took maybe 15 minutes to put together. Honestly the biggest part of it all was breaking down the boxes that everything came in. I took the Monday after my shower off to start my "nesting." I was pretty successful in unpacking everything and getting things into place (for the most part.) The most overwhelming part of it all was the tremendous amount of clothes I received. I had to put off the clothes for another day and thankfully was able to avoid any major breakdowns.

Adding some drama for me because it was way too easy (note Andrew with Paul's inhaler in the background)

Being goofy

In case you needed a visual on the clothes

 In the last week or so I've been feeling pretty overwhelmed in general. I think the reality of our little babies upcoming arrival really hit me after the shower. My to-do list grew quite a bit in the last few weeks and it's my nature to want everything done...yesterday! As the days have gone on I've gotten a lot done which makes me feel better. I am also working extra hard at work to plan for my maternity leave which adds to the stress. Hopefully our hard work this month will pay off next month when I need to concentrate on preparing for the big day...Maddie's birthday!

I had a follow up appointment with Dr. Deprez on 10/19 for my 32 week visit. Things are still looking good. I was a little concerned that the baby was too small (mostly due in part to constant comments about "not being big at all for 8 months"....which you would think would be a good thing.) My fundus was measuring at 33cm which is just about perfect so I feel much better. I will start seeing my doctor every 2 weeks now for 1 month and then weekly! In general I am still feeling well. I feel like I am getting so big and it is getting harder to bend and move as well as I used to. Thankfully I am still sleeping well at night which I am grateful for.

Other notables since the last time I posted:
-We interviewed a peditrician and I love him! I am very confident in our choice and am so relieved that I feel so strongly about it.
-I "graduated" for physical therapy. My SI joint has been behaving so I no longer have to go back to therapy unless I need to. Yay!

Pictures of the completed nursery are to follow!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Childbirth Class

We had our "marathon" childbirth class on Saturday (Oct 2) at Memorial Hospital in Worcester from 8:30am-4:30pm. Overall, I was quite impressed. There were many other couples there and it was kind of fun to be around so many pregnant women. We had 2 teachers, both experienced maternity nurses, and I appreciated having two different teaching styles, personalities and points of view.

Basically we reviewed some basic anatomy and physiology, stages of labor, signs and symptoms of labor, when to call the doctor and how to time contractions. There were really no surprises there and I felt that most of it we already knew but I guess it was good to hear it all again. Later in the day we reviewed and practices some breathing techniques, potential positions to use during labor and pushing and massage/supportive measures for the partners to use. For some comic relief the instructors asked all the partners to get on the floor and assume the traditional "pushing" position, I'm still not sure that this was really a true learning opportunity but it certainly made us mommies laugh!

We watched some minimally traumatizing videos showing labor, natural delivery, cesearean delivery and basic newborn care. We also were able to get some very practical information about the hospital in general including policies and procedures, visiting hours, where to go, what to expect on the unit. We took a tour of the maternity ward and got to see both a labor and delivery room along with a postpartum room. I was impressed to see that the OR was literally in the center of the maternity ward, Im sure many hospitals are like this but it made me feel better knowing it's so close...just in case! I thought the floor was very nice and cozy.

Any questions I had going into the class were answered so all and all I think it was a success!