Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Childbirth Class

We had our "marathon" childbirth class on Saturday (Oct 2) at Memorial Hospital in Worcester from 8:30am-4:30pm. Overall, I was quite impressed. There were many other couples there and it was kind of fun to be around so many pregnant women. We had 2 teachers, both experienced maternity nurses, and I appreciated having two different teaching styles, personalities and points of view.

Basically we reviewed some basic anatomy and physiology, stages of labor, signs and symptoms of labor, when to call the doctor and how to time contractions. There were really no surprises there and I felt that most of it we already knew but I guess it was good to hear it all again. Later in the day we reviewed and practices some breathing techniques, potential positions to use during labor and pushing and massage/supportive measures for the partners to use. For some comic relief the instructors asked all the partners to get on the floor and assume the traditional "pushing" position, I'm still not sure that this was really a true learning opportunity but it certainly made us mommies laugh!

We watched some minimally traumatizing videos showing labor, natural delivery, cesearean delivery and basic newborn care. We also were able to get some very practical information about the hospital in general including policies and procedures, visiting hours, where to go, what to expect on the unit. We took a tour of the maternity ward and got to see both a labor and delivery room along with a postpartum room. I was impressed to see that the OR was literally in the center of the maternity ward, Im sure many hospitals are like this but it made me feel better knowing it's so close...just in case! I thought the floor was very nice and cozy.

Any questions I had going into the class were answered so all and all I think it was a success!

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