Sunday, August 15, 2010

Looks like I have a lot of catching up to do! We have been busy little bees around here!

In my last post I mentioned the pain that was escalating. Later that same weekend it reached it's peak when I was in Best Buy with Paul and sneezed. I have NEVER had such horrible pain in my life (mind you I haven't been through labor yet, it's all about perspective). I think I only made it to the car from embarrassment because I could barely walk, I had to be in bed for the rest of the day. I spoke to my OB Dr. Deprez the next day who agreed that this didn't sound like the traditional sciatica that many pregnant women are afflicted with and suggested I see an orthopedic specialist. The following day I woke up unable to walk again, the pain was so severe that Paul had to go get his grandmother's old wheelchair so I at least could go to the bathroom. I was able to get an appointment with the ortho MD that week, thankfully by the time I saw him I was feeling better. He diagnosed me with SI (sacroiliac) joint dysfunction. Essentially one of the joints in the back of my pelvis is severely inflamed. Of course the treatment is limited due to my pregnancy but he suggested PT and OMT (somewhere between PT and a chiropractor). I am very pleased to say that I feel much, much, much better now. It appears that as long as I am careful with the type of movements I make and am not on my feet too much this issue will stay at bay.

On a much happier note we got to see our little girl again on 8/2/10. I broke down and went for a private ultrasound, not a 3D one (not a fan of those) but a regular 2D ultrasound. First of all, it is most definitely a girl. The tech had me drink something really sweet on the way (vanilla shake from McDonalds, yum!) so she would be moving and boy was she! We saw her kicking and punching like a kickboxer, sucking her fist, heatbutt my bladder and the cutest thing I've ever seen.... Yawn! We had a great time. Some of those pics will follow when I have time to scan them.

We have made some serious progress on the nursery and registering. I may have become slightly obsessive when it comes to researching ever little thing but we are having fun so I guess that's the important thing! Phase 2 of operation nursery is complete, now I just want add some decorative touches and wait for the furniture.


  1. I like the pink wall with the rest of it ... is that cream? white? whatever ... it looks good!

  2. Yep, it's a soft white. I like it too! Im thinking a colorful mural on the white wall opposite the pink to jazz it up a bit....