Thursday, August 26, 2010

A quick update

I can't believe I'm really 6 months (24 weeks) pregnant this week! When I say 6 months it just sounds so....REAL! I had a routine check up with Dr. Deprez on Tuesday 8/24/10. Everything was looking good. He, of course, was happy to hear that I'm not in severe pain anymore. My weight had increased quickly over the last 6 weeks since my last visit so hopefully that will slow down a bit! I have been terribly hungry nearly all of the time. I will eat a meal and 2-3 hours later I'm the kind of hunger that makes you feel sick and unable to concentrate on anything. I'm attempting to snack on lower calories things but it's not easy :)  When I read the baby websites and books they all talk about the growth spurt the baby has undergone in the last 6 weeks so I hope it's not just a coincidence that I underwent the same spurt!

I have been doing some physical therapy for my back/buttock pain and it's going well. It will be important for me to try and strengthen some muscles, stretch and learn how to and how not to move. I really like the physical therapist I am working with, she is specially trained in pregnant women which is great and she really knows her stuff. I am definitely in good hands.

Now that the nursery is well on it's way to completion (for now) I have been focusing on some other things. We are all signed up for our 1 day childbirth class at Memorial Hospital in the beginning of October. I have done some research on pediatricians. I got a recommendation from a friend and my OB endorsed the same doctor. I am going to call and make an appointment to visit the office and meet him to make sure it's a good match. We have to start looking into childcare. Paul's mother (soon to be "Nana") has offered to take care of the baby 2-3 times a week so we are thrilled. Now I want to start figuring out what we are going to do the rest of the days after I go back to work. I have been looking into getting a breast pump covered by insurance, I'm hoping my plan will work but I'm trying not to worry about it for now. I have all the information I need, now I just have to wait for her to be born. Registering is well on its way to completion, just a few last things to figure out. I think Paul will be especially relieved when we are finished, he described me as a 'mad scientist' the other day and I would have to agree with that description.

Our baby girl continues to move around quite a bit. I've noticed more movement when Im hungry (she must be too!) and when I lay down. The movements are starting to get strong enough that her kicks and punches are visible on the outside of my belly. Last night I had my hand on my stomach and clearly felt her little foot come right through with a big kick. Strangely nearly every time Paul puts his hands on me to try and feel her she stops. He's convinced that his touch soothes and calms her....let's hope this is true and it continues outside of the womb! I really enjoy feeling her inside of me, it reminds me what a miracle she is. She is awfully fond of my bladder and I wish she would find a new spot to kick but all that matters is that she is a happy, healthy, active baby in there!

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