Monday, November 15, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

We've finally made it to the final stretch! I will be 36 weeks, 9 months this week. My extensive to-do list has shrunk quite a bit in the last few weeks (much thanks to Paul for all his help and support-Best. Husband. Ever.). The nursery is done, room has been made in the rest of the house and everything "baby " is in it's place, hospital bags are we just need a baby (well, maybe not quuuite yet).

I had an appointment with Dr. Deprez on 11/9 and now I will start seeing him weekly. At my check up things were still looking good. He told me I was measuring exactly on target so Madelyn will likely be an "average" size baby, not too big, not too small....just right! I am still feeling pretty good. I definitely get tired and can't be on my feet quite as much as before but I think I'm still getting around pretty well. I have one spot in my back that bothers me but Paul gives good back rubs and foot rubs :) He also tries to keep me in check and not let me overdo it-which I have a tendency to do.

On 11/10 I got together with Amy, Annmarie and Karen to celebrate babies and good friendship :)
On Friday 11/12 my co-workers threw me a surprise baby shower at our meeting. We had pizza, cake and I got some great things. I feel blessed to work with such a wonderful groups of NP's. It also was leaked that the staff at one of the nursing homes I go to are planning a shower for me this upcoming Friday- I am just overwhelmed by everyone's generosity and well wishes!

We had our "babymoon" this past weekend, we were also celebrating Paul's 30th birthday. We spent a night at the Boston Fairmont Copley Hotel-it was wonderful. We did some Christmas shopping, walked around on Newbury Street and had a lovely dinner. Of course the dinner was not without some drama. The restaurant Paul had researched and picked ended up being closed for a private party. We had to resort to plan A, B, C then D-but we finally did eat! The next morning Paul treated me to a glorious pedicure which I desperately needed. We had a great brunch at an old friend's restaurant and then did some more Christmas shopping. It was nice to spoil ourselves a bit because we realize that Maddie will be the spoiled one for the next several years!

On the to-do list for the next couple of weeks: Get the car seat installed/inspected (we had an appointment today but the police officer wasn't available) and finish Christmas shopping!

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