Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Full Term!

We made it! 37 weeks (tomorrow) which is considered full term :) My weekly OB appointments have been going well. I am still measuring on exactly on target, the baby is head down and as of today I am 1cm dilated (not that exciting but something)! My blood pressure, urine testing and weight are all within a good range. I have been getting more tired and having more swelling of my feet and ankles at end of the day. I am definitely more cranky at times, not sure if its hormones, not feeling well or stress....likely it's just a combination of all of the above. I am feeling more braxton-hicks contractions and overall more crampy in general. I think I may have "dropped," at least a little bit. I am feeling more pressure lower, feel less pressure in my ribs and lungs and other people have been commenting that I appear to be carrying lower. I can say at this point that the end-of-pregnancy symptoms are really not that fun but I am very thankful that I haven't had any complications or overly troublesome symptoms.

Paul and I continue to cross some final things off of our to-do lists but the major tasks have been completed. Now we just need to finish our Christmas shopping and we will be really ahead of the game. Paul celebrated his 30th birthday this week. He received a new video camera and DSLR camera- he is now all set to go with his daddy technical gear! I had another surprise shower thrown last Friday by the staff at one of my nursing homes. I was so overwhelmed at the number of people who celebrated with me and sent well wishes, it was totally unexpected and beautiful!

The anticipation is growing as we wait to meet our precious little girl!!

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  1. come one Maddy! Come FASTER! OMG it would be so cool if she and Ava shared a birthday (tomorrow - Thanksgiving - is Ava's!)

    Good luck love and I BETTER GET A PHONE CALL ... PAUL!